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Bitcoin cash approached $ 400
17.Oct.17 4:07 PM | 2

Supported by strong volumes from Asia, the price of bitcoin cash rose to a two-week high today.

Microsoft opens the door to government Blockchain use
17.Oct.17 9:54 AM | 3

The most important data of the US government can soon be secured on a blockchain.

An Australian University is giving ether to students
17.Oct.17 8:51 AM | 7

A public university in Australia is starting a new research work on consumer loyalty, which will allow students to earn cryptocurrency-ether as they shop at retail stores on campus.

Gates Foundation uses Ripple Interledger technology in mobile payments
16.Oct.17 4:13 PM | 4

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has released new open-source software for non-banking businesses that uses technology developed by distributed ledger startup Ripple.

BNP and Tata use Blockchain for the platform of announcements about events
16.Oct.17 3:46 PM | 13

BNP Paribas Securities Services is cooperating with the Indian IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on a new pilot that will see the two firms apply the blockchain to a new asset servicing data platform.

Accenture has replaced the head of Blockchain innovation
16.Oct.17 8:46 AM | 22

The global giant of professional services Accenture has announced a new hiring of the executive branch as part of its work on developing cross-industry blockchain initiatives.

Mauritius launches a lending pilot with Blockchain startup
15.Oct.17 12:02 PM | 44

A commercial bank in Mauritius concluded a deal with blockchain lending startup SALT to test the use of digital assets as collateral for loans.

Russia will release “CryptoRuble”
15.Oct.17 11:27 AM | 12

Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially announced that Russia will release its own “Cryptoruble” at a closed door meeting in Moscow, local sources say.

Bankers criticize Token tech at exchange event
14.Oct.17 4:30 PM | 15

Several high-ranking bank executives had not speak very well about initial coin offerings (ICOs) at the event in New York this week.

Everyone is excited about Blockchain, but not Bitcoin
14.Oct.17 9:23 AM | 17

The president of the World Bank had several positive points to say about blockchain during a media appearance yesterday.

Nasdaq is staying away from ICOs
13.Oct.17 5:40 PM | 12

This week, the CEO of the global exchange operator Nasdaq said that her firm is steering clear of initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Gibraltar published draft rules for blockchain startups
13.Oct.17 5:14 PM | 20

The Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar has published a draft of its future regulatory framework for firms offering blockchain services.

The price of Bitcoin rose to $ 5,800
13.Oct.17 9:14 AM | 23

The cost of a bitcoin reached a new record high of $ 5,856.10 at approximately 02:45 UTC this morning.

Bitcoin prices are pushed to new highs
12.Oct.17 10:32 AM | 14

Analysts are more confident than ever that Bitcoin will remain above $ 5,000 today, as prices continue to rise to new highs of $ 5,050.

DLT prototypes are developing for the Central Bank of Singapore
12.Oct.17 10:10 AM | 15

Accenture, a professional services company, announced that it was hired de facto by the central bank of Singapore to develop distributed ledger prototype systems for processing interbank payments.

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