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Legislators in Mexico are pushing a bill to regulate Bitcoin
06.Dec.17 4:31 PM | 1

The upper chamber of Mexico's national legislature has approved a bill on financial technology that would bring local bitcoin exchanges under control of the central bank.

Mobile application Revolut adds Litecoin, Ether Trading
06.Dec.17 4:03 PM | 3

Mobile banking startup Revolut adds litecoin and ether trading to its application-based service.

Nokia tests Blockchain in the field of protection of health data
06.Dec.17 3:00 PM | 4

Finnish communications giant Nokia has announced a new blockchain pilot aimed at developing new ways of storing data on healthcare.

Genomic Data Hub Shivom Voted in as ICOS Project
05.Dec.17 7:05 PM | 73

Shivom has been overwhelmingly voted for as a new project to receive ICOBox tools through the company’s ICOS platform.

Financial Exchange in Tokyo planning to launch Bitcoin futures
05.Dec.17 6:16 PM | 9

It is reported that the futures exchange in Tokyo taking the first steps to launch products related to bitcoin.

UBS in search of protection
05.Dec.17 5:57 PM | 19

The world's largest financial services company is looking for more secure computer systems.

Corda R3 platform is located on Amazon's web services
05.Dec.17 5:39 PM | 19

Consortium startup R3 has launched its Corda distributed ledger (DLT) platform on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace.

Sony introduced detailed information on the use of Blockchain in the education system
04.Dec.17 5:54 PM | 20

A new patent application from Sony emphasizes how the Japanese technology conglomerate can use blockchain as part of the educational platform.

CBOE will start trading on December 10
04.Dec.17 5:35 PM | 18

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has announced that its planned bitcoin futures product will begin trading on December 10.

President of Venezuela announced the creation of a cryptocurrency "Petro"
04.Dec.17 5:19 PM | 17

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has announced a new cryptocurrency in the conditions of the economic crisis and a sharp drop in the cost of the bolivar, the national currency of the country.

U.S. Senate criminalizes the non-disclosure of the ownership of cryptocurrency
03.Dec.17 9:35 AM | 17

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee is currently reviewing the bill S.1241.

Financial institutions in Canada analyze the practical application of digital currencies issued by the Central Bank
03.Dec.17 8:02 AM | 11

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of the Bank of Canada has published a report that examined the advantages and disadvantages of the central bank issuing its own digital currencies.

Amazon Web Services won’t launch services based on Blockchain
02.Dec.17 3:41 PM | 41

Despite previous rumors, in the near future Amazon Web Services (AWS) will not offer services based on Blockchain.

Millennials prefer Bitcoin
02.Dec.17 3:12 PM | 23

The millennials are investing their money in Bitcoin - leading digital currency instead of opening traditional bank accounts.

Adjustable futures markets provide bitcoin legitimacy
02.Dec.17 1:50 PM | 14

A strategist of global markets JP Morgan made a note that regulated futures could give legitimacy Bitcoin.

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