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PocketOption Application is an easy and safe way to try active investment
24.Nov.22 6:44 AM | 74

PocketOption Application - your way to the investment world

Qatar World Cup and the dangers of technology
21.Nov.22 7:11 AM | 64

Please be warned: Qatar monitors the fans and have some laws and rules uncommon for the visitors

Biden keeps grip on Senate, loses House of Representatives
14.Nov.22 8:44 AM | 112

Slim majority in Senate, it seems that it is all the victories for now

Meta, Facebook to fire thousands, financial results are disappointing
07.Nov.22 7:56 AM | 117

Tech shares are deflating and the companies need to shrink to some realistic levels

Musk comes up with the new censorship idea
31.Oct.22 8:41 AM | 109

Total liberty was rather short-lived

Steam gaming service breaks own record
24.Oct.22 12:05 PM | 93

More that 30 million people were playing online on Sunday

Meta curbs optimism: target for monthly registration for VR is halved
17.Oct.22 8:29 AM | 226

Let's hope it will fail miserably

New sanctions against China are meant to delay the inevitable
10.Oct.22 4:37 PM | 168

China will conquer the microelectronics, volens/nolens

China is dominating blockchain apps
03.Oct.22 7:48 AM | 142

Despite the government stance, the apps are growing in popularity

Apple moves some of the iPhone production to India
26.Sep.22 8:02 AM | 187

Lockdowns and politics forced Apple to travel

Youtube users are force-fed with advertisement
19.Sep.22 11:38 AM | 152

Time to block the ads or by a chicken and pay for Premium subscription

China drills hole in Moon and discovers rare energy source
12.Sep.22 9:35 AM | 207

He3 was found in the lunar crust

NASA postpones launch of SLS rocket for a second time
05.Sep.22 8:21 AM | 219

Troubled project is meant to prove the US leadership

Apple registers dull 'reality' trademarks, here is what experts are thinking about it
29.Aug.22 7:00 AM | 186

Tech in the mood to revive VR glasses

Meta banned Andrew Tate, a 'controversial influencer'
22.Aug.22 8:10 AM | 560

Facebook is known for the love to very specific 'freedom of speech'

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